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Projects So Far

Why Christian Technology Projects?

By using technology to solve problems and meet needs, we can help to bring hope, healing, and transformation to people’s lives. Christian technology projects provide an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those around us. As we work on technology projects, we have the opportunity to build relationships and share our faith with those we interact with.

These projects allow us to use our skills and expertise to glorify God. By using our talents to serve others and bring glory to His name, we can fulfill our calling as Christians.

If you’re looking for a software company that is committed to using technology for good and making a positive impact in the world, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about how we’re using our skills and expertise to make a difference.

Some Projects We’ve Done

Christian Cinema Platform

  • Implemented cloud cost control measures, reducing monthly costs by 40% compared to the months prior to our engagement.
  • Ongoing operations, maintenance, report generation, troubleshooting for existing Christian Cinema platform.
  • Supporting Christian Cinema in getting their arms around existing source code and technical products. Migrating all source code to a single Git-based source control repository, automating deployments.
  • Re-published Christian Cinema Roku channel.
  • Christiancinema.com

     website updates

    • Updated React.js builds to use standard create-react-app builds in lieu of custom method. Updated to modern version of Node. The website codebase now supports expected local development processes using a modern version of Node, whereas the release branch was not building when we started.
    • Change website payment provider from Chase Payments to Stripe (In Progress)
      • New Payments API written in Golang
      • Automated AWS infrastructure using Terraform for Payments API
      • Developed API in a manner so it can be extended to replace functionality of existing legacy API.
  • Samsung TV Application research and development (In Progress)

Care Portal Redesign

Care Portal exists to help vulnerable children and families. Requests submitted through Care Portal come from case workers at government, child welfare agencies, or other child-serving organizations approved by Care Portal.

Our team redesigned Global Orphan Project’s Care Portal by doing 23 usability studies, 10 iterations on various designs, 9 prototypes, and 3 projects.

Answers in Genesis E-Commerce

Our team improved the Answers in Genesis E-Commerce platform by working in Django to fix tech-debt, fix caching issues, and build out 3D Secure payment compliance.

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